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    Sep 04 2016

    Rockford Art in the Park

    Art in the Park is an intimate event. Just 34 artists are invited and the small-town charm of Rockford will be on full display.


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    Sep 04 2016

    Lansing Brewing Company

    Recently we had the opportunity to make a trip to Lansing, where my sister goes to college at MSU. We all met up at Lansing Brewing Company, my first tim...

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    Aug 25 2016

    Cedar Springs Brewing Company

    Cedar Springs Brewing Company is a great neighbor to Rockford, and a wonderful taste of Germany right here in the North Kent area. It's simply amazing.


    Aug 12 2016

    Major John C Sjogren

    Next Friday, the City of Rockford will be dedicating a statue of Major Sjogren in front of the Rockford Area Museum near city hall.

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    Aug 10 2016

    Bailey & James Boutique Turns One

    Bailey & James Boutique is turning one! Join them this Saturday for a full day of events, discounts, and give-aways. First 100 win door prizes!

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    Aug 08 2016

    Utility Box Explosion

    In a crazy event Sunday night, an electrical utility box caused a minor explosion on Squires Street in the parking lot across from Dam Dogs.





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    Aug 02 2016

    Today: National Night Out and Kari Lynch

    August 2nd: Kari Lynch was playing at the Rogue River After-The-Blues concert and all the first responders were in town for the National Night Out!

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    Aug 01 2016

    Sweetwater's Donut Mill

    Right off US-131 on Stadium Drive is one of the best donut shops in Michigan: Sweetwater's Donut Mill.