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    Jul 30 2016

    Rockford Ninja Warrior

    Rockford Ninja Warrior is an entertaining and exciting display of Rockford athletes. featuring a challenging obstacle course for adults and for youths.


    Jul 27 2016

    2016 National Night Out

    Since 1984, the annual National Night Out has been a coming-together of communities and their local police departments held on the first Tuesday in August.

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    Jul 21 2016

    Proposed Plainfield Township Trails

    Citizens for Plainfield Township Trails has a proposal for new bike trails in Plainfield connecting the White Pine Trail with schools, downtowns, and rivers

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    Jul 11 2016

    Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is the new craze sweeping Rockford. This real-world game encourages team work, fresh air, exercise, and exploration.

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    Jul 10 2016

    Start of Summer Celebration 2016

    Summer has made it to Rockford! The Start of Summer Celebration is underway as we speak. We were there on community night, braving the long lines!

Rice lake

    Jul 07 2016

    What Happened to Rice Lake?

    Rice Lake disappeared. Even though the source of the Rogue River is long gone, its contributions to the City of Rockford will not be forgotten.

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    Jun 23 2016

    The Corner Bar

    The main draw of The Corner Bar is, of course, their hot dogs. They run the hot dog hall of fame, and host a chili dog eating contest.

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    Jun 20 2016

    The Pump House

    If you haven't visited yet, do yourself a favor! Get down to The Pump House as soon as you can, and as often as you can!


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    Jun 16 2016

    John Ball Zoo

    We recently had the chance to go to John Ball Zoo with our nieces. Oddly enough, I've lived in West Michigan my whole live but have never been to John Ba...