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6 Times The Corner Bar Supported the Rockford Community

Now more than ever, The Corner Bar needs the support of this great community. To make sure no one forgets how important they've been to us, here are six times The Corner Bar has been an amazing help in supporting all of us.

Tuesdays For Tots

Every Tuesday The Corner Bar offers two children's meals for free with the purchase of one adult meal. They often have a person making balloon animals and sometimes other fun activities to keep children entertained and give parents a great evening filled with great memories.


March to Macy's

The Corner Bar is a cornerstone of the Rockford Marching Band's March to Macy's campaign. Ever since the RHS marching band was invited to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and suddenly needed to raise a ton of money, The Corner Bar has been there to help. Raising money for the band as well as hosting the massive banner calculating their total, the RHS marching band owes a lot of their support to The Corner Bar.

Wounded Warrior Project

Partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project, The Corner Bar cooked up three specialty dogs. The Main Street Fire dog was hot, hot, hot, the Pizza Dog was a delicious fan-favorite, and the Area 51 dog was... mysterious. $1 from every basket sold went to support the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps support veterans injured in combat get back to living their lives.

Dogs for Dollars

We're not sure how much money the Dogs for Dollars fundraising campaigns have raised, but if it's not thousands of dollars, it certainly must be tens of thousands. During each fundraising event, 15% of all the proceeds go to the charity or organization being celebrated that night. It's not uncommon for these nights to reach several hundreds of dollars!

Great Social Media Presence

The Corner Bar loves its social media! They're always sharing their customer's photos taken at their restaurant, leaving comments in support of birthdays and holiday celebrations, weddings and reunions, and so much more. The Corner Bar is a part of everyone's lives here in Rockford.



Meet Me Under the Mistletoe fundraiser around Christmas has The Corner Bar donating $1 to Ram DoNation, a local high school group that collects money and household goods to help support local families in need. For every photo you share on social media of you kissing a loved one under the mistletoe out front, The Corner Bar donated to this amazing local charity.

How you can help The Corner Bar

We'll be sharing as much information as we can about how you can help The Corner Bar. Check out our Facebook page and The Corner Bar's Facebook page for more information.

Right now we're aware of:

Uccello's fundraiser (Thursday through Saturday)

Rocky's has a donation jar

Pump House, Haven Creek, Bailey and James, The Green Well, and many others are organizing a Rockford Community fundraiserfrom Thursday to Saturday where portions of sales will be donated to provide relief to displaced workers from The Corner Bar.

River Babe Threads has created custom t-shirts to support The Corner Bar with all of the proceeds going to employees of the restaurant.

Many local businesses are now hosting donation drives to support the displaced workers and help with the rebuilding efforts, and there will certainly be more to come. Stay tuned! We're #CornerBarStrong, and we will show them what Rockford community support really means!

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