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Mar 22, 2019

Hey guys! We're Mark and Meghan, and we run Everyday Rockford, Everyday Cedar Springs, and Everyday Ada.

We both grew up in West Michigan and after we married in 2014, we bought our first house in the City of Rockford. We knew we wanted to live in a place with a walkable, active downtown. When we first moved here we were constantly trying to find out what was happening around town. We had to visit many different websites and facebook pages to get an idea of the different events. So we decided that since we were doing the work, we would compile it onto a single site to make it easier for other locals and visitors to Rockford. 

As the Rockford site grew, we found that we could do this for other small cities! We want to help these small cities to become destination places for weekend visitors or for young professionals looking to start their lives in a fun place to live, without having to deal with the cost of living in the "big city." 

How to contact us

Like and follow us on Facebook at Everyday Rockford, Everyday Cedar Springs, or Everyday Ada! You can message us there or email us at [email protected]

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We write and run our own advertisements here, so no third-party ad networks, no spam, no viruses, and nothing controversial. We control the experience top-to-bottom. We put out a lot of content here, and you can turn almost any of it into an advertisement. It's really easy, it's as quick as clicking a button, ads are approved immediately, and it's super secure because your payments are 100% handled by Stripe.

Every week we reach thousands of West Michigan area residents and visitors, mostly age 25-44. 

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