Committee unanimously recommends hotel project

Oct 16, 2019

The Northland Pontiac committee of the City of Rockford has unanimously recommended the proposed boutique hotel, contingent on the addition of a new parking structure. The Northland Pontiac committee was founded in 2008 to address what the city would do with the vacant lot after the Northland Pontiac car dealership moved out of downtown Rockford. A hotel was considered at the time, but the deal fell through. Now, more than 10 years later, the committee has made their recommendation.

EverydayRockford previously reported on the proposal for the new hotel, called Hotel Rose. The hotel will have 54 rooms including a pool, a restaurant, fitness center, banquet hall, parlor and lobby bar. Keeping in mind the quaint charm of Rockford, Hotel Rose will feature a front porch with rocking chairs and wooden tables circa 1900s.  This project and recommendation comes after the completion of a feasibility study and a parking study. The feasibility study came back favorably, but the parking study had additional recommendations that the city is taking into account.

The site is currently a parking lot with around 50 available parking spaces. The city hired a parking consultant to determine the status of the city's current parking levels. While the consultant found that the city currently had an acceptable amount of parking, the addition of the hotel would remove parking supply while increasing parking demand. The ultimate recommendation was to add a parking deck at the Towers parking lot. This addition would create another estimated 134 parking spaces to offset the loss of the Northland Pontiac lot plus help with additional demand from the hotel. The city manager Thad Beard was quick to note that the Farmer's Market would be top of mind when planning for this parking addition.

The city is still considering the proposal and recommendation, and have signaled interest in additional plans to increase parking even further in the core downtown area.

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