Coworking at The Corner Office

Sep 17, 2019

Have you heard of coworking spaces? These are office spaces that let you rent a desk for much cheaper than leasing an entire office. They're great for freelancers, remote workers, traveling sales people, or anyone who just needs a desk to work at. They've been quite popular lately, with several spaces open in downtown Grand Rapids and major cities around the world. And now coworking comes to Rockford, courtesy of The Corner Office!

The Corner Office is the dream of John Huffman and Eldon Palmer. They own their own businesses and needed an office space in Rockford, but the only space they found was bigger than they needed. So they decided to rent the extra space, one desk at a time! The space is located above Glik's, right on the corner of Main and Courtland. There are convenient parking lots, with the new lot behind the Post Office and the overflow lots from the old Wolverine tannery staying available most of the work day. The location is also right off the White Pine Trail, letting workers walk or bike to the office.

Working remotely is becoming more and more common as Internet technologies let people work freely from wherever they choose. From office staff and IT workers to freelancers, consultants, sales, and more: working from home is increasing in popularity every year. We here at Everyday Rockford work from our home, taking meetings at Sweetland or Herman's Boy, finding makeshift "office" space wherever we can find it. Since we started talking to John and Eldon, they invited us to try out their space and we love it! We have a dedicated desk so there's always space available for us no matter how busy it gets. The Corner Office also offers shared desks for a lower cost if you don't mind potentially sitting somewhere new every day. There is a dedicated quiet room where you can take phone calls and a small conference room for holding private meetings. They also have a kitchenette and bathroom so you can stay all day.. but honestly, downtown Rockford is so full of great food choices you should head to Hot Box BBQ or The Corner Bar or Flavors on the Promenade for lunch!

The real benefit from coworking spaces is the community, though. The Corner Office is looking to host social events for members, fostering a friendship beyond professional commitments. Many coworking spaces are the birthplace of new small businesses, as likeminded people meet for the first time and form partnerships. The Corner Office could be a catalyst for a new entrepreneurial future for Rockford, and we couldn't be more excited!

The Corner Office is located at 108 N Main St, above Glik's. The entrance is the door next to Rocky's.

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