Make your garage sale fun and easy with TallySheet!

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It's summer time! That means it's garage sale season in West Michigan! Especially popular in Rockford are multi-family sales. A subdivison, neighborhood, church group, or other organization gets together shares the cost and time of selling off their old stuff. But if you've ever run a multi-family sale, you know how much of a pain it can be to track who sold what at the end of the day! Writing down the amounts in a notebook take time, leading to backups at the cash box and maybe even some lost sales. But that's where TallySheet comes in!

Tally sheet was made by Holly and Brian Anderson, a West Michigan couple who had the exact same problem. The bigger the garage sale, the more difficult it is to keep track of it all. Their solution is TallySheet, and they're offering it as a free app to help everyone else with this issue! Since the release, they've been featured on Fox 17 and MLive and the app has been downloaded over 14,000 times in a number of different countries. We've used it ourselves, and man it's so easy! And it looks great!

With TallySheet, multiple sellers can easily track their sales, and at the end of the night everyone can see reports of who sold how much! It's as simple as tapping your iPhone or Android device! And since you're not peeling price tags to stick on a posterboard or writing in a single notebook, you're not confined to sitting behind a table anymore. You can walk around and make sales anywhere, just bring your phone!

The really nice thing about TallySheet is, it's not just limited to garage sales. Bake sales, girl scout cookies, ticket sales, raffles; anything where you need to track individual numbers for multiple sellers, TallySheet is your best bet!

You can download TallySheet on the App Store or on Google Play completely free!

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