Sailing Weather LIVE at Bier Distillery

Apr 10, 2018


Flavors on the Promenade

Come warm up with some HOT Soup! Seasonal Specials: Butternut Squash and Chicken Noodle! Soups are made specially by our owner and her art for flavor makes these creations a must-try! Stop in today and warm up with us 🔥

Bier Distillery is hosting Sailing Weather LIVE this week!

Bier Distillery is one of our favorite a distillery in Comstock Park, located at 5295 West River Dr NE #100. This week they’re putting on a great event, Sailing Weather LIVE, on Friday April 13 @ 07:30PM. For more information on Bier Distillery, check them out on our business page or on their Facebook page!

It's basically the biggest event of the year. You can get more info on our event calendar or check out the event description below. RSVP today!

Join us for an evening of original and cover material, awkward jokes, and amazing food and drinks!

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