Everyday Rockford this weekend: January 5 - January 7

Jan 05, 2018


Flavors on the Promenade

Come warm up with some HOT Soup! Seasonal Specials: Butternut Squash and Chicken Noodle! Soups are made specially by our owner and her art for flavor makes these creations a must-try! Stop in today and warm up with us 🔥

Jazz with Lee Middleman

Friday January 5
Jazz with Lee Middleman

Jazz with Swingtooth

Friday January 5
While swing classics and sultry bossanovas are at the core of their performances, fans have come to expect a wide range of "genre visiting". The guitars are the stars-- backs and sides cut from the same billets of quartersawn cherry. Each player hand-fashioned, to their own needs, one unique guitar, forever bound to the other. The tonal blend is truly ethereal.

The Moonrays LIVE at RBC

Friday January 5
The Moonrays (Surf/Rock) FREE live show at RBC!

Jan 6th At The Bier Distillery In Comstock Park

Saturday January 6
We're excited to be the first band playing at the Bier Distillery in Comstock Park after ringing in the New Year! C'mon down and enjoy live music and great artisan cocktails!

Acoustic with Jack’s Label Maker

Saturday January 6

Pterodactyl Pat & The Dinosaur Talk Machine LIVE at RBC

Saturday January 6
Rockford Brewing Company's own Pterodactyl Pat & The Dinosaur Talk Machine!! Funky/Psychedelic/Blues/Folk with country roots and a splash of soul! FREE SHOW

BreathWork with Dawn

Sunday January 7
Dawn Andersen is a Breathwork Meditation facilitator, with level 4 certification from David Elliott, master breathwork healer based in Los Angeles and New Mexico. Dawn's personal transformational experience with breathwork meditation created a strong desire to share the practice with others. In her words, "the effect was like years of therapy had taken place in 25 minutes, and I didn't need to speak or think--simply breathe!” The breathing style utilizes Pranayama rhythmic 3-part breath as a catalyst to gently excavate blocked energy and unprocessed emotions from the body's nervous system, bypassing the analytical brain to efficiently restore a healthy state of balance, creativity, joy, hope, inspiration and abundance! An all-encompassing recharge of body, mind and spirit, this practice is a profoundly effective method for letting go of all that hinders your journey. Dawn uses a unique blend of essential oils in her classes and is currently working toward her Aromatherapist certification. $15 in advance; $18 day of event.

Project Reset: 28 Day Ayurvedic Meal Plan

Monday January 8
Join Michele Fife- Ayurvedic Nutritionist and Shannon Sadoski, Natural Food Chef, as they guide you through a 28 day meal planning program to reset your system, boosting immunity, energy, and overall wellness. Program Details: *Begins Monday, January 8, 2018 *Great for previous clients & new clients Focus & Goals: *To commit to eating an Ayurvedic lifestyle for 4 solid weeks *Recipe ingredients tailored to balance your doshas *All plant-based *Ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks *Eliminate Inflammatory Ingredients and processed foods *Develop a daily routine that supports whole person nourishment *Monitor and feel the difference as your body improves in functionality *Reset your body *Develop new habits, learn new tricks, explore new recipes, and create a support system for continued success What you Get: Program includes: *A virtual program kickoff meeting *Introduction to Ayurvedic principles *Daily routine template *Ayurvedic Intake questionnaire to determine your Dosha *Information about your dosha and how to create balance *4-week sample calendar of meals *30+ plant centered recipes specific to your dosha *Ingredient tips *Ideas to prepare, modify, and store Email, text, and/or virtual support from coaches Food/Mood log template to track your progress and how your body is responding Cost: $295 Click link to purchase program or purchase in studio. *Must sign up no later than Friday, Jan 5 at 12p *Link to intake form will be provided via email after payment is received *Program packets will be emailed *No refunds

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