Kent District Library Bicycle Lending

KDL has launched a new program at several of their branches where members 18 years and older can reserve a bike for a day.

Hundred Mile Hybrid Part One

I'm training to ride one hundred miles on my hybrid bike this summer. I've made it up to 30 miles, and I'm still getting better. Wish me luck!

Six reasons to love Rockford this summer

We love Rockford. Rockford has a ton to offer in the summer. Here are six things we love most about the best downtown outside of the city of Grand Rapids.

A Great Bread Recipe! (yes seriously)

Basic white bread with a generous brushing of butter, garlic and herb spices, and a pinch of salt. Don't cut your crust off this one, that's the best part!

Founders 2016 KBS Pre-Release

It's KBS week again! Founders is releasing their barrel-aged known as Kentucky Breakfast Stout, one of the very few beers to get 100/100 at

The Soul Syndicate

The Soul Syndicate has released their first album, All of You and won a WYCE Jammie for Listener Choice - Best Album by a New Artist. Congratulations!

Beer City Brewsader Passport

ExperienceGR launched a new initiative in conjunction with area breweries. They called it Brewsader, and you can track your progress with the passport!

Charley's Chips Rebel Potato Chips

Charley's Chips Rebel potato chips are actually really good. Really good. And the price is comparable to a national brand potato chip. I can't stop eatin...

Jim Shaneberger - Work In Progress

Jim Shaneberger is a small three-man-band based out of Grand Rapids best described as blues, but they draw from so many more influences.